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Is This Health Plan For Me?

Do you experience any of the following symptoms?​

  • Fatigue / low energy

  • Brain fog / memory recall issues

  • Poor sleep

  • Weight gain

  • Inability to lose weight

  • Seasonal allergies 

  • Thyroid Imbalance - hypo or hyperthyroid 

  • Hormonal imbalance 

  • Skin issues - rashes, acne, eczema

  • Headaches 

  • Constipation / diarrhea

  • Depression / anxiety

Jumping from Swing

Why they Took the Leap

"I was so done with feeling so sick everyday"

Lindsey F.

"I had tried several other practitioners unsatisfactorily"

Karen S.

"Knowing you've had a similar experience"

Alyssa S.

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A 60 minute initial consultation via Zoom where Dr. Torrie will dive deep into your current health and your health history.  

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Order Labs 

You'll get the Meraki Total Toxins Lab Bundle shipped & delivered to your home.  This lab bundle will identify the answers to the root causes of your health symptoms.

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Start Feeling Better

Dr. Torrie will layout the best plan of action moving forward within one of our Meraki programs to help you finally feel better.

"I'm on a mission to empower you to take control of your health and live an abundant life"

-Dr. Torrie

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The Meraki Difference

Dr. Torrie struggled with her health for years.  Traditional medicine failed to identify the root of her symptoms and give her solutions to finally feel better.    

We have developed a unique data-backed, custom approach to identify the root causes of your symptoms to allow you to heal and optimize your body to live the life you've always dreamed.

[pronounced- may-rah-key] Greek

(v.) To put love or part of your soul into your work  

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Improve & optimize your health from anywhere in the world

"I admire the comprehensiveness of Dr. Torrie's knowledge. Her calm demeanor gave me confidence I could work my way through the challenges I have, that is we could work through the challenges together."

- Mary P.

"Dr. Torrie helped me to understand the root causes of my health issues. She gave me hope and a path in the right direction, a plan of action to improve my health. She was very personable, caring, confident and happy to work with me and help me with whatever I needed."

- Danila N.

"I went from feeling completely exhausted and fatigued all the time to now having constant energy in my brain and body." 

- Alexandria T.

Clients Who Finally Feel Better

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