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5 Toxic Ingredients you Must Avoid in Your Supplements

Would you say that McDonalds and Fleming's Steakhouse give the same quality meat…Probably not!

The same exists for supplements….

When I started my health journey, I used to find articles online about supplements and then quickly run to the health food store or order them on Amazon Prime…

I had no idea that name brand supplements could contain harmful ingredients, artificial dyes, metals and pesticides that could be harming my health.

I quickly learned not all supplements are created equally.

Tip #2 - Not all supplements are created equally

We often read the labels of food packaging to make sure it's free of gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, and artificial ingredients…

But we will blindly buy supplements from Amazon, the health food store, Costco or the grocery store without taking the same precautions we would with our food.

There are supplement companies that use low quality ingredients, filler, dyes, metals or are not digestible by the body.

When looking at supplements, you want to use the same standard that you would when choosing food.

  • Does it have ingredients/ filler that you cannot pronounce?

  • Are they using organic ingredients?

  • What is potency? (Many