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Clean Water: One of the BEST Investments You can Make for Your Health?!

Water is water, right…..??? Wrong

Did you know that you could be drinking water that contains arsenic, chloroform, fluoride, and other dangerous chemicals?

Much of the tap water in the US is contaminated with these dangerous chemicals.

My hometown of Austin, Texas has chloroform in the city water…

Los Angeles has arsenic, nitrate, and uranium…

Manhattan had chloroform, Bromodichloromethane, and Haloacetic acids…

These chemicals have been linked to chronic disease, cancers, and immune issues, yet we are ingesting them every single day,

Health Tip - Drink clean water

Water is essential for life, but did you know that much of the tap water and bottled water is toxic?

Most Americans are ingesting toxins daily from their municipal tap water. Dangerous chemicals and metals such as chloroform, arsenic, and RoundUp have been found.

“Isn’t my filtered refrigerator water clean?”

“Isn’t my Britta (carbon) filter water clean?”

“Isn’t bottled water safe?”

Unfortunately the answer is most of the time no.

Most water filters fail to get rid of these dangerous chemicals…

Plastic bottles can be made with plastics that contain dangerous chemicals such as BPA that can leach into the water. Additionally, the original source of water is very unregulated.

I often run environmental toxin tests on my clients and see MASSIVE elevation of chemicals from plastics such as BPA, parabens, and phthalates. These chemicals are linked to hormonal imbalances, cancers, and immune disorders.

One of the best investments you can make for your health is an investment in clean water.

Reverse osmosis is the gold standard of drinking water however, an in-house system can be a huge expense.

Many health food stores have refillable water jugs that you can fill with reverse osmosis water.

You also can get countertop reverse osmosis systems such as AquaTru.

Another great option is a Berkey Filter. These countertop filters will pull most contaminants and toxins in the water.

If you have to drink bottled water, look for BPA free plastic bottles.

I encourage you to research what chemicals are in your city water. You can use the EWG Tap Water Database and enter your zip code. EWG Tap Water Database


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