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Toxins Affecting Weight Loss

As summer approaches, many people have slimming down on their mind.

But what if diet and exercise aren't the main reason you're not losing weight?

I struggled with the inability to lose weight for YEARS, but I ate a nearly perfect diet.

I only ate organic and didn't eat any processed foods.

I ate an anti-inflammatory diet of gluten free, dairy free, lots of veggies, organic protein, no sugar, no soy, no seed oils...

I tried going vegan, keto, carnivore….

I went to spin class, pilates, yoga and was also running…

And it didn't matter, I could not lose a single pound.

I knew that there had to be a deeper reason.

So what did I find?

We’re in part 1 of a 4 part series on the reason why you might not be able to lose weight…

Reason #1: You have a high toxic load in your body

So if foods were not the problem, then what was? My body was FULL of toxins - I had Lyme infections, mold mycotoxins, environmental toxins, and heavy metals. This toxic load was making it impossible to lose weight.

So how do these toxins and infections affect weight?

Lyme & mold mycotoxins are both inflammatory infections and toxins to the body meaning they cause an inflammatory cascade. I, like many people, didn't realize Lyme and mold mycotoxins were hiding in my body for years which can lead to a chronic state of inflammation.

Inflammation is a normal response to a wound, injury, or infection. However, when infections or toxins such as Lyme or mold linger, the body stays in a state of inflammation. This means the inflammation doesn't go away and makes it nearly impossible to heal or lose weight regardless of how perfect a diet is.

Another common reason for the inability to lose weight is from environmental toxins and heavy metals.

We are exposed to hundreds of environmental toxins in our water, food, cleaning products, beauty products, yard products and the list goes on and on.

Our bodies have a fantastic detoxification system, however when our bodies are overwhelmed and overburdened with the high amounts of toxins we are exposed to it can’t function correctly.

When our detox systems get backed up, our body has to store the excess toxins somewhere as a backup system. We can't have toxins floating around our bloodstream so our body stores excess toxins and metals in our fat cells and tissues.

When toxins are stored in fat, our body cannot let go of that fat cell because it will have to process and detox the toxins that are stored inside. We often see this when people try to lose weight by severe calorie restriction or excessive cardio and they feel TERRIBLE. Your body will let go of the fat cells out of necessity and will let go of the stored toxins, but your body can't process the toxins being released. This can make people feel tired, cranky, or even like they have the flu.

The key to lasting weight loss is to remove the barriers stopping you from losing weight.

When you have removed the body of infections and toxins, it is easy to maintain a healthy weight with a clean diet and reasonable exercise. (assuming hormones and thyroid are functioning properly).

So how do you know if you have a high toxic load?

Nowadays we have amazing testing to see what toxins are stored in your body. This allows you to get a blueprint of exactly what toxins need to be detoxed out to give you optimal health.


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