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Detox: Is there a Quick Fix?

Would you go to the gym and expect to lose weight and have washboard abs after only one week? Probably not, but unfortunately people often expect to have a quick fix to solve all their health problems. Do this 7 day cleanse and it will solve all your problems, so they say…

Just like most things in life, there is no quick fix, easy solution to your health.

Common Detox Mistake: Looking for a quick fix!

It's no secret that we are exposed to hundreds of toxins daily! On average women are exposed to around 165 toxins per day and men are exposed to around 85 different toxins per day.

Our liver can't possibly keep up with these insane amounts of toxins, so our body will store toxins in our fat cells and tissues.

Even if you only use organic products at home, you can't control the toxins you're exposed to when you go out to restaurants, shops, and other homes.

Many people experience symptoms of toxic build up in their bodies such as brain fog, bloating, constipation, weight gain, acne, and poor sleep. They will try to do a juice cleanse, 7 day bone broth fast, or even a 30 day cleanse… and the list goes on and on…

While all of these tools are wonderful to help reset our eating habits and give our digestion a break, there is no way these quick fixes can make lasting results and rid our bodies of stored toxin accumulation.

There are a MILLION 30 day cleanses on the internet that claim to be the “solution” to your health problems. I too offer a 30 day Cellular Detox, however the goal of my course is to begin to support the body through a light cellular detox. Once the body is prepared it is easier to handle a deeper cleanse meant to push out the toxins that have been stored in the body for years. Both new and existing clients that are in need of a reset and looking to prepare their bodies utilize this detox.

So what is an appropriate length for a detox?

Well, that depends on how many toxins you have stored in your body and what tools you use to detox.

It can take anywhere from 4-12 months to detox environmental toxins that are stored in your body.

While that may feel like a long time, it takes time to clear the toxins that have built up over years. While it may take up to a year to fully clear built up toxins, it doesn't mean that it will take a year to feel better. People usually start feeling improvements in their symptoms in 30-60 days.

While there is no quick fix to getting rid of toxins, there are tools that can help aid in detox…

We can add in different modalities to help push toxins out of our cells, especially when paired with proper detox protocols.

Tools that support detox:

Infrared sauna

Exercise - hot yoga, brisk walking

Coffee enemas

Warm water with lemon

Dry brushing

Epsom Salt Baths

Lymphatic massage

These are all tools that can help you in a full detox protocol, as well as be added to your daily routine to add detoxification to your daily routine.


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