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Detox: My Favorite Daily Detox Tools

Clients always ask me what some of my favorite health tools are…

We have sooo many amazing health tools available to us now that it can be overwhelming sometimes.

I add in tools that are easy to squeeze into my daily routine and that have massive benefits!

Common Detox Mistake: Not making detox part of your daily routine

Our bodies have fantastic detoxification systems, however they were never designed to detoxify the hundreds of toxins we encounter daily from the air, our food, our cleaning products and our personal care products…

Even people who eat organic and use clean products still need a detox because of the toxin accumulation from the places that we cannot control.

A yearly detox is a fantastic way to clear the body of stored toxins out of our tissues. In addition, there are tools that we can add into our daily routines to help assist our bodies with detoxification on a daily basis.